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#. Ek Mukhi Round Shaped Rudraksha symbolizes divinity, absolute truth and eternity. It is believed that original ek mukhi rudraksh represent Lord Shiv itself. It is considered as supreme of all the rudraksha beads. One who possesses this precious rudraksh is privileged from its fortune. With the effect of its special powers, the owner of one mukhi round rudraksh is benefited with great concentration power.

It is believed that the wearer gets distracted from corporeal affairs and the attitude gets inclined towards god and spirituality. For those with a spiritual and religious bent of mind should certainly go for real ek mukhi gol rudraksha at best price. Further advantage of this bead is the prevention of deadly diseases like eye defects, migraine, heart disease, skin problems, fistula, dyspepsia and lung disease. Due to its magical effects, the pure ek mukhi rudraksha gole dana has become the most expensive and coveted rudraksha worldwide.

There are many vendors in celestial destinations like Rishikesh and Haridwar who claim to sell the authentic best price ek mukhi round shape rudraksha. But beware of these fraudulent vendors who sell fake rudraksha and fool the innocent people. After wearing ek mukhi gole rudraksh, you would realize some grand positive changes in your life. The wearer gets all the earthy pleasures and remains unattached from it. Ek mukhi gole rudraksh is available in two types, ek mukhi siddha dana from Nepal and ek mukhi gole dana from Indonesia, but there is no such difference in the effects.

#. According to Hindu sculptures, a tear fell down from the eyes of Lord Shiv due to which rudraksha tree was originated. The saints and priests always carry the round shaped 1 mukhi rudraksha with them to reach the heights of spirituality.

2. How does it benefit its owner?
Immense power, spiritual enrichment and worldly pleasures.

3. What is the ruling planet of this rudraksha?
Sun is the ruling planet.

 4. Which day is suitable for wearing it?
Sunday is the best day.

 5. Which mantra should be recited before wearing it?
Chant Om Namah Shivaya, Om Hreem Namah 108 times before wearing it.

6. Does it help in curing any physical diseases?
Diseases related to Ear, Eye, Head, Bowel, Bones along with Asthma, TB, Headache and Heart Diseases etc.

7. Which shape of this rudraksha should be preferred?
One Mukhi Round Rudraksha is found in THREE shapes - round Indonesian bead, ek mukhi round siddha dana and round nepali origin.

8. In which part of India ek mukhi gole dana rudraksha is available?
It can be found in the area of Nepal and Indonesia. The trees of these rudrakshas require specific climate conditions and the appropriate salubrious climate, which is found only in Nepal & Indonesia.

1 Mukhi Round Rudraksha Benefits Encompasses All The Benefits Of The Other Types of Rudraksha.

 Ek mukhi gole or 1 mukhi round rudraksha is the term given to the seed of the Rudraksha tree which has a single face. Rudraksha beads come with multiple faces or sides from the single face to over 21 faces. The Rudraksha tree is usually found in tropical areas such as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, etc. The ek mukhi round shaped rudraksha seed is quite rare when compared to the 3 side or five side Rudraksha beads. All of the Rudraksha beads with the ones that have two faces to the ones with 20 faces are believed to have special, unique powers in the spiritual realm as defined by Vedic astrology. Rudraksha beads are considered to be the eye or the tears of Lord Shiva himself. The fascinating truth is that the ek mukhi gol rudraksha bead is considered to be the most powerful of the other rudraksha beads available. It is believed to represent Lord Shiva himself. As a result, there is a long list of 1 mukhi gole dana rudraksh benefits that encompasses all of the benefits of all the remaining types of Rudrakshas.

The ek mukhi gol dana or one faced round shaped rudraksha is rare and is often found in three types. One of the most important of 1 mukhi round rudraksha benefits is the removal of all past life sins. Since it is very rare, the person who gets it is considered very fortunate and is believed to have good fortune throughout her life. Wearing this amazing, sacred bead allows the person to repel all harmful advances from others. It also enables them to enjoy all the pleasures of life and become radiant like the Divinity. This sacred bead also removes all the negative effects of the Sun and helps keep a wonderful and healthy life at all times.  In business, politics as well as other leadership positions, the person wearing the 1 mukhi round rudraksha will excel.

The 1 mukhi gole dana rudraksha benefits include cure for diseases that will be cured when wearing this bead includes heart related problems, general anxiety and many other health issues. The mantra that needs to be chanted when worshipping the Ek mukhi is “Om Om Drisham Namah” or “Om Hrim Namah”. This bead may be worn on a gold chain or white thread or kept in a safe, sacred place to invite wealth and health for the current user and for future generations.

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Pictures of Ek Mukhi Gole Dana, Round Shape Indonesian & Nepali

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