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We Specialize in 1 Mukhi Gol Dana, also called Ek Mukhi Round Rudraksha from Indonesia.
Picture of Very Rare Ek Mukhi Java
(It is also called Ek 1 Mukhi Gehuan Dana Java Rudraksha)
Pictures of Ek Mukhi Siddha Dana
Pictures of Ek Mukhi Gole Dana, Round Shape Indonesian & Nepali
Pictures of Ek Mukhi Gole Dana, Round Shape Indonesian & Nepali

Ours is a 32 Years Old business network supplying 1 mukhi around the globe.
Though there are many fake rudrakshas available in the market, one should always beware of the fakes and manipulated and hadcarved rudrakshas made out of ber seed and cock wood. Always rely on authentic seller and must wear 1 mukhi rudraksha for your overall progress, spiritual connect, to improve your intution powers, to improve your relationships and family life, partnerships if any, to improve your health, for money and wealth and for peace and harmony in your life. Round Ek Mukhi or 1 MukhiGol Dana are considered to be most powerful rudrakshas in the world. We are the 1 mukhi gole dana or round shape specialists.

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